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From custom applications for cereals and pulses to seed primers, explore the right treatment methods to protect your seed from disease and pathogens.


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Losses from Disease Can Be Detrimental to a Crop’s Performance

Be preemptive in protecting your crops from disease and pathogens before they spread. Invest in our tried and true Seed Treatments to help your seed become established faster and grow stronger, saving you the time, labour, and money, while mitigating the risk of crop failure or underperformance.


You may see reduction or gaps in your plant stand


The crop may be affected by competition from weeds


Disease may have a direct impact on your crop’s yield

Our Process

How We Treat Our Seed

We use two-G40 treaters in tandem with 12′ mixing chambers to provide excellent coverage. All seed treatments are on scales, individually weighed with each lot accurately treated. A scale ticket is printed with the application rate. We have select seed primers to suit our customers’ needs.

Our Products

We have a heated treating room where we can treat seed throughout the winter. In the spring, we offer in-season seed treating – this is beneficial for customers who do not want to store treated seed in their bins at home.


The Importance of Seed Treating

We believe that if the seed is worth planting, then it’s worth protecting.

Seed treatments minimize the impact diseases cause at the critical stand establishment phase. Seed Treatments help the plant become established to better utilize moisture and nutrients.

A treated seed uses energy reserves to emerge and grow, rather than defending itself from invading disease pathogens.

Poorly applied treatment can be a waste of time and money

Studies have shown that poorly applied seed treatment products, at less than label rate, perform very similar to seed that was not even treated. Each seed lot treated must be weighed and calibrated for application efficiency. To get the benefit of today’s seed treatment products, trust the experts at Westlock Seed Cleaning for your next application. 

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