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At Westlock Seed Cleaning Co-op, we are proud to deliver high quality treatments and processing, as well as exemplary customer service. Don’t just take our word for it, hear what our customers are saying about us!


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Steve Meinczinger

Owner of Meinczinger Seed Farms


Westlock Seed Cleaning Coop’s great location along with amazing well-trained staff and top of the line cleaning equipment makes them an integral part of our success as Pedigreed Seed Growers. We hang our hat on providing the best quality seed and without the great work they do this wouldn’t be possible.”

Renee Hoyme

President of Alberta Seed Growers

DeWindt Farms Ltd


Westlock Seed Cleaning Plant is an invaluable asset to our seed farm and surrounding farming community. The services including cleaning, grading, storage, treating and sales are all done to the highest expectations with the staff always being courteous and dedicated to serving its members and customers above and beyond.”

Bevin & Rosemary McNelly

Owners of McNelly Seed Farms


“We have been cleaning seed at the Westlock Seed Cleaning Plant since the early 1980’s. In the early years there were only single axle trucks, then mostly tandem axle trucks and now truck and trailer units. As farming progressed, the Westlock Plant progressed too. The Westlock Seed Cleaning Coop has had exceptional board members who did not sit back but enlarged and upgraded the equipment. The Board of Directors and Management continue to keep our plant growing to what has become one of the biggest, thriving plants in the province. In order to run so successfully and efficiently, the right management and staff are needed, and the Westlock Seed Cleaning Coop has both. The facility is kept very clean at all times which results in a clean lot of seed grain that you are confident in planting or selling. From the scheduling of the movement of grain in and out to the end result of clean grain, the staff are remarkable at what they do. From the manager down to the staff, we are treated with respect. Keep up the good work!”

Dale Beamish

Beamish Seed Farm Ltd


My name is Dale Beamish; my family has been involved in seed and seed cleaning for forty six years. My father built a cleaning plant on the family farm in 1966 and did custom cleaning up until 1985. Beamish Seed Farm Ltd. became pedigreed growers in 1981.

In 2005, was the first time we had pedigreed seed cleaned at the Westlock Seed Cleaning Plant. We still cleaned some seed on our farm, but in 2009 all of our seed production was cleaned and treated at the Westlock Seed Cleaning Plant.

Having been involved in the cleaning and grading at our own farm, I have a much greater appreciation for the plant and the staff at the Westlock Seed Cleaning Plant. The plant is designed very well from a pedigreed grower’s standpoint and with the modern up to date equipment; the cleaning always goes beyond the standard.

The large bin yard is a real bonus and the Westlock Seed Cleaning Plant has become a large distribution hub for seed and treating in North Central Alberta.

Keep up the good work!

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