Westlock Seed Cleaning Co-op Ltd.
Westlock Seed Cleaning Co-op

Westlock Seed Cleaning Co-op Ltd. SEED PROCESSING

Westlock provides quality seed processing services to its 1,050 plus customer base. Capabilities include:

  • PRECLEAN ASPIRATOR: removes dust, light and foreign material from seed before cleaning equipment

  • SCALPER ASPIRATOR: removes rocks, straw, large chunks of foreign material with a rotary screen and wind separation

  • DEBEARDER: polish and clips oats, removes beards from barley, clips hairs and tails off wild oats

  • INDENT: separates grains by length from short to long, separates wild oats and weed seeds from seed

  • AIR/SCREEN: separates product by running over selected screen size using eccentric drives to move seed along screens, removes small undersized seeds for uniform sample

  • GRAVITY: separates based on density using eccentric drives, a raised deck and air to separate light and foreign materials

  • COLOR SORTER: Optical separation adds great value to a variety of commodities (sorter uses camera sensors that signal air injectors to blow out selected rejects)

Westlock Seed Cleaning Co-op Ltd.
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Westlock Seed Cleaning

We also offer:

  • Pedigreed seed cleaning
  • Commercial seed cleaning
  • Export cleaning
  • BioVision Seed Labs Drop-Off Center
Westlock Seed Cleaning
Westlock collects samples for producers to verify their seed's germination, fusarium graminearum and disease pressures.

My name is Dale Beamish; my family has been involved in seed and seed cleaning for forty six years. My father built a cleaning plant on the family farm in 1966 and did custom cleaning up until 1985. Beamish Seed Farm Ltd. became pedigreed growers in 1981... READ MORE.Westlock Seed


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